Relationships Analyst - Your key to successful relationships!
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Relationships Analyst™ - Your key to successful relationships!

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Member - International Association for Relationships Research

Member of International Association for Relationships Research

AFA Associate Research Member - American Federation of Astrologers

AFA Associate Research Member

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How does it work

Relationships Analyst for successful relationshipsHere you can learn from your past relationships, understand your present ones or predict the success potential of your future choices - be they personal, professional or other.

Millions have already voted Relationships Analyst as the leading relationship evaluation tool.

Outstanding in its innovation and accuracy, the Relationships Analyst is yours for free and unlimited use.

You came here to make wise decisions about your dates / love relationships / partners / associates / employees, and to tailor your relationships to your needs.

  The building blocks of successful relationshipsThousands of calculations are made on your astrological chart and that of your match's, in order to compute the strength of the four basic components in your relationship: commitment, intimacy, passion, and synergy.

You are then presented with a detailed report that tells you:

The strength of each component in your relationship

The types of relationships that are most likely to be successful between the two of you

Your RQ (Relationship Quotient) score for the most common types of relationships.

Relationships with the famous

Analyze your relationships with your favorite famous people and find out what types of relationships work best between you.

Learn in great detail how your favorite famous people handle their relationships and other aspects of their life, and what makes them tick.

Gain trust in the Relationships Analyst by comparing famous relationships as analyzed by the report with actual life stories.

Relationships with the famousVisit the famous relationships

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